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From awareness to action


The Central Jersey Community Coalition was officially born on January 21, 2017, the first day of the new administration.  On that day we held an event in Somerville, NJ that allowed participants to come together in solidarity with other social justice teach-ins and protests planned around the country in response to the atmosphere of hate and divisiveness that has engulfed our community.   We had room for one hundred.  Eighty said they would come.  One hundred and fifty did.  It was a standing room only explosion of love, questions, and action.


Now that the foundation has been laid for the CJCC, we invite you to participate with our emerging local social action network.  Join us as we educate, advocate, inspire, and act. 


There are dozens of individuals and organizations right in our backyard who are doing good work serving not only the marginalized, but the privileged who want to make a difference.  We exist to serve them.  Think of us as a crossroads for social justice and a platform for social action.  


This specifically means we host workshops, connect organizations with like-minded volunteers, help promote social justice events, and give people clear actions they can take today that will get the attention of our elected officials.


We are still growing and open to ideas, so if there is something you think the CJCC might find of interest, please don't hesitate to contact us .

The CJCC is an organization completely run by volunteers; concerned residents of Central New Jersey.  We are a people comprised of different ages, creeds, orientations, genders, and races, but with the common desire to break down walls and empower others.  


Our team is run by a steering committee of individuals with various talents who rise to meet the needs of the moment.  In addition, we have others who help when they can, in person or remotely.


Please consider joining us.  There is no job too big or too small.  If you are willing to help, we can use your skills.  

Steering Committee:

Douglass Anderson

Karen Gaffney

Michelle Edgar

Mike Goldberg

Jeff Bradley


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